Glamping, a strong trend that is here to stay

Glamping, a new term that emerged in the 2000s, refers to a holiday concept that combines luxury and comfort with the spirit of outdoor camping. At the heart of this new concept is the key idea of proximity to nature. This is combined with the convenience of high-end accommodation that gives a premium feel to a stay based on the authenticity and beauty of the surrounding environment. Beyond a simple camping stay, glamping offers you an amazing and original experience without you having to sacrifice your comfort.

What does glamping mean?

Glamping, a contraction of the terms "glamour" and "camping", is a concept that originated in the United Kingdom in 2007 and quickly spread to Europe and the United States. This type of camping, which combines atypical or even unusual accommodation with the feel of luxury, is attracting more and more holidaymakers.

In a very practical way, a night at a glamping site means that you do not need to bring with you all the camping equipment that you would usually take – no more tent to carry, no sleeping bags to bring – you just have to turn up at your accommodation, which is already equipped with everything that you will need during your stay.

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Who is glamping for?

Although it’s associated with luxury, the term glamping can refer to both very high-end stays and more basic accommodation. So if camping means a bed on the ground, glamping will involve quality bedding, for example. Glamping can also refer to the most luxurious establishments that will offer various facilities and activities such as access to a sauna, jacuzzi or somewhere you can have a massage as part of your stay.

Whatever type of glamping suits you, the main point is that it’s an ideal way to camp and try out outdoor accommodation. Whether you’re exploring nature with your family, touring with friends or looking for a calm and romantic setting as part of a couple, glamping is a way of holidaying that you’ll definitely enjoy.

Glamping and responsible tourism

While glamping is about fulfilling a wish to have an out-of-the-ordinary experience by spending a night in an unusual place, it is also a more responsible way to enjoy tourism. Indeed, glamping sites consume relatively little carbon and have a smaller ecological footprint than that of a hotel room. What’s more, the materials used in glamping accommodation are ecological and renewable such as wood and canvas, used for tents, cabins and trailers. Because this is mobile or even removable accommodation which has little or no impact on the place where it is installed, nature is conserved. Finally, the activities most often carried out during stays in glamping accommodation are environmentally friendly ones such as hiking and cycling. The glamping experience therefore promotes more sustainable tourism.

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Glamping by Sunshine Habitat

CIAT Lodges offer you a glamping adventure with their 3 ranges of canvas accommodation, all as unique as they are complementary. Accommodation that will offer you dreamy nights in a bubble of warmth. They will lend a glamping spirit to your campsite or park...while keeping in harmony with nature.

The Mini Wood Lodge range offers an experience as close as possible to nature in functional accommodation. It has a recognisable style with its exposed wooden frame, distinctive sloped roof and gable opening.

Meanwhile, Wood Lodge offers you the chance to recharge your batteries. It offers spacious and characterful accommodation with a distinctive sloped roof, natural colours and wooden jambs.

Finally, experience a real glamping adventure with the Jungle Lodge range. It harmoniously combines wood, PVC-coated canvas and fabric.

All these types of canvas accommodation are designed to give you a break and allow you to enjoy an unusual high-end stay.

Sunshine Habitat's glamping offering is not limited to CIAT Lodges as Fabre Chalets and Louisiane Mobile Homes complete its wide range of leisure accommodation.

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