We have been designing and manufacturing mobile homes for 25 years and this experience has contributed to our success for many years.

Louisiane claims its place and establishes itself as a benchmark in Outdoor Accommodation. The company has been deploying its know-how since its creation in 1998 and has two production sites.

The head office is located in Loudéac in Brittany and serves a clientele of campsites established in the north of France. The second production unit is located in La Cavalerie in Aveyron and serves campsites in the South.

Louisiane mobile homes are also known for their refinement, quality and longevity throughout Europe. Louisiane mobile homes are delivered across several countries to meet the demand of European luxury mobile home campsites.

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The construction of a quality mobile home requires precise design and meticulous construction in the factory to produce mobile homes that meet our requirements and the expectations of our customers. The manufacture of a mobile home relies on the profound know-how and expertise of our teams.

We are committed to offering our customers high-end leisure accommodation for premium holidays.

TAOS S2 panorama intérieur

... c’est tout un art

Design, esthétique, moderne, contemporain, sophistiqué, les adjectifs ne manquent pas pour définir avec justesse la composition intérieure comme extérieure des mobil-homes Louisiane. Nos mobil-homes sont le symbole d’un luxe subtil, léger, qui ravit les sens par sa décoration, ses choix de matériaux, ses signes distinctifs qui contribuent à notre renommée dans le milieu de l’Hôtellerie de Plein Air.

Distingué, luxueux, épuré, les mobil-homes Louisiane attirent l’œil par la subtilité de l’ameublement, les tons de couleurs légers, emprunts d’apaisement et de douceur.