Lodges CIAT, a Sunshine Habitat brand, designs and manufactures canvas lodges for outdoor accommodation professionals.

Natural and authentic, Lodges CIAT brings values of freedom, originality and proximity to the environment to the design of lodges, across all of its ranges.  This embodies its primary mission: to offer professionals in the camping sector rental accommodation that’s off the beaten track.

Recognised by professionals in the outdoor accommodation sector as a benchmark in terms of quality and sustainability, Lodges CIAT devotes time and attention to designing and producing new disruptive lodges, which break the rules, and with an evolving and streamlined design, embodying understated and simple luxury, in harmony with nature.

Solid canvas lodges

Since its creation, Lodges CIAT has mastered a number of tasks from the design to the installation of its accommodation. It has always favoured high-quality materials and has chosen local suppliers and partners. It now benefits from the synergy of the Sunshine Habitat group by sharing its expertise and optimising its resources.


Lodges CIAT is continuously improving to offer the best lodges to its customers and to give your holidaymakers an unforgettable glamping experience.

Lodges CIAT, a subtle blend of nature and comfort

Lodges are the benchmark in the outdoor accommodation sector since they reflect the very essence of camping and its history.

This unique accommodation offers a sense of adventure and freedom, which seduces with its originality and adapts to the latest expectations in its glamping experience. Lodges CIAT are distinguished by their authenticity, choice of quality materials and a layout that allows free movement and fluidity.

Whether on the water’s edge, in the mountains, indoors or on the coast, the lodge draws you in thanks to its soft tones, warm colours, wood frame and integration into the landscape. The perfect match, the lodge and nature combine harmoniously to provide a glamping experience that is much sought after by a new generation of holidaymakers.

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Tent lodges give campsites the opportunity to stand out from the crowd by offering unconventional and original accommodation, highlighting unique nature of their establishment. The combination of canvas, wood and an "indoors-outdoors" lifestyle play an important part in ensuring this leisure accommodation stands out from the crowd.

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Local partner

Lodges CIAT claims its place as a partner with long-term and close relationships with professionals in the outdoor accommodation sector.
A manufacturer with a long history, it has kept pace with developments in the sector for many years, while giving its customers access to spare parts, and offering a responsive and local service, as well as technical assistance. Being alongside our customers and supporting them in their projects is rooted in our company’s DNA now more than ever, meaning we offer the best personalised support to our customers.

An additional offer

Lodges CIAT offers local authorities and professionals in the camping sector a range of reception and festive tents in addition to the main offer dedicated to outdoor accommodation.
These reception tents allow local authorities and associations to organise temporary events sheltered from the weather.
On campsites, they are most often used as additional covered areas for catering or entertainment.

A look back at the history of Lodges CIAT

Lodges CIAT was founded by André Trigano in 1973 in Mazères, Ariège. The company originally manufactured tents for festivals, holiday camps and individuals. In the 1980s, it rolled out the first canvas lodges for outdoor accommodation professionals and developed support tools for its customers (rental, repair service and marketing assistance). The company so became the French leader in the canvas lodge market. Today, Lodges CIAT is continuing its development by designing and manufacturing original and stylish lodges to meet the expectations of outdoor accommodation professionals in France, Portugal and Spain. A bold player, Lodges CIAT strives to provide high-end services and is committed to continuing its constant innovation approach.