Become the owner of a Louisiane residential mobile home

Treat yourself to a real outdoor residential mobile home, where you can make the most of your free time with family and friends. Louisiane residential mobile homes meet all your requirements in terms of quality, longevity, design and comfort. Let yourself be carried away and seduced by the brand new Louisiane range. Bol d’Air mobile homes will amaze you with their generous features, including large spaces and a richness of detail with décor at the cutting edge of the latest trends.

The Bol d’Air residential range is the perfect balance between premium, design & space. The four models in the range offer state-of-the-art facilities so you can recharge your batteries in an idyllic setting. This range has been designed to offer living spaces that are spacious, comfortable, inviting and open to the outdoors. In a resolutely contemporary tone, the harmonious interior design surprises with its layout and refined décor.

The elegant and timeless airy interior exudes a gentle energy that combines sparkling visual touches and soothing references to nature in an ingenious combination.

The noble and warm tones of the wood are accentuated with mineral-based materials and fine and vivid grooves. This light and dynamic décor is complemented by the print used for the curtains, based on the engravings of travelling botanists.

Restful shades, such as pebble beige and grey blue, are come to life in the light and airy interior. This means that the interiors of this new range of residential mobile homes offer an all-encompassing feeling of Luxury, Calm and Opulence!

A family-friendly and inviting mobile home

The soft colours of our Louisiane residential mobile homes are in perfect harmony with the materials, such as wood, which brings warmth and comfort to your new secondary residence. The living room, right at the heart of our mobile homes, is a beautiful living space bathed in light, providing the perfect setting for you to enjoy special moments together. Perfectly suited to spending time with family or friends, the interior décor of our Bol d’Air mobile homes evokes luxury and elegance.

Recharge your batteries in your Bol d’Air mobile home where you will find harmony in every detail. With a sleek and well-crafted design, our new range of residential mobile homes will make you feel at home, with a décor that matches your desires. A range that gives full meaning to the term "premium" with an offer of the highest quality that will surprise you with its most meticulous finishes. First and foremost designed for families, our Bol d’Air mobile homes offer you comfort and warmth thanks to their original layouts that place your living area at the heart of the home. Enjoy precious moments in a light and cosy living area where you can share your best memories.

A welcoming and cosy living space

A fully-equipped kitchen

Spacious and functional rooms

A bathroom where you can take care of yourself

A distribution network at your service

Louisiane has selected distributors throughout France for their skills and experience. Benefit from the expertise of our network and let yourself be guided in your approach with complete peace of mind. Find the list of our distributors on the dedicated page. They will help you find your site, offering you different pitches adapted to your criteria (calm or lively, shaded or sunny, etc.). They will guide you in your choice of Louisiane mobile homes and address logistical issues.

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