CSR vision

The stated aim of the FINADORM Group to assert its leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means that we place the environment at the heart of our prioritiesand our strategy.

Sunshine Lodges CSR strategy

"The first step of this approach is the implementation of ISO 14001 certification for all the companies in the FINADORM group. This will give us the tools to organise ourselves so that we can reduce and control our impacts on the environment. We are now committed to a process of continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

For Sunshine Lodges, I am convinced that this certification will provide us with useful and appropriate tools to best meet the new environmental and energy requirements, which represent major challenges for the future of lodges. To do this, I ask for the committed involvement of employees at all levels in order to achieve the objectives that we have set together.

My aim is to comply with the regulations and the expectations of our stakeholders, to participate in protecting the environment and preventing pollution, and then to reduce our impact on the environment. This is reflected in the following objectives:

  •    Improve waste management, our energy consumption and the compliance of our equipment on our production site;
  •    Reduce waste and visual pollution through waste management on our sites;
  •    Improve frame and furniture design for more responsible use of our lodges.

To achieve these objectives, with the help of the HSE department, I undertake to:

  • Train all employees on environmental issues and their effects;
  • Continuously improve our environmental performance by following and communicating the objectives set. "

Sébastien RENAUD

Managing Director