Sunshine Mobile Homes has named this product line "Taos" after the village of the same name near Santa Fe whose Indian architecture, with its modular and innovative design, is so perfectly integrated into its environment.

For us, the Taos rental offer is a response to the demand from a new outdoor accommodation customer base that is looking for high-end services and is ideal for creating your premium village with its own distinct identity. The Taos collection is a range full of character that stands out in the landscape.

Its exterior design makes the Taos immediately recognisable. The compact cladding accentuates its precise lines and adds a touch of colour to create a warm atmosphere.

Inside, wood has pride of place amongst the materials used in the Taos by Sunshine Mobile Homes. Warm and understated, it brings character and elegance to the interior of the rooms. The fabrics are soft and comfortable with blue-toned colours that evoke travel, dreams and escapism.

The contrast of colours adds depth to the rooms and the combination of wood, light tones and deep grey offer a soothing and restful combination to soothe the soul.

A well thought-out layout

The layout of the Taos mobile home highlightsfluidity and space through an open-plan living area that offers a new perspective, as well as volume and space.

The designer kitchen with built-in bench has plenty of storage space for maximum practicality. The living room, an ideal place to relax and have fun with your family, brings comfort and ingenuity with a convertible sofa, a totem stand that allows you to watch television from all angles, and full-height curtains to add warmth.

In the master suite, a screen visually separates the sleeping area from the bathroom. The children’s room also has a private bathroom, separate from the parents’ bathroom, to offer privacy.

The large windows offer a panorama of the outside, letting the light flood in. The Taos is fitted with a panoramic window in the kitchen and a curved sliding window with the widest possible opening.

We have also increased the number of lighting points and adapted the lighting to the needs of the rooms: ceiling spotlights, LED strips at the head of the bed and above the worktop, articulated arms fixed to the walls for the dining and living area, adjustable reading lights in the bedrooms, and even LED strips embedded in the totem unit with a remote control so you can switch the colours.

Taos mobile homes adapt to all your desires, and are customisable to allow you to differentiate yourself and express the identity of your park.

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A welcoming and cosy living space

A kitchen full of ideas

An inspiring master suite

A fun children’s area

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